Welcome to my very own domain
TAKENSPACE.COM has been around for years, but since I've been paying for it, I decided to have some fun with it.  Not sure what you'll find here, but at least check out my 3D models I market over on The3DStudio.com.  They're great people, and there are a lot of amazing things from all over the world.  Just remember, they're not real...

Loara High School is located in Anaheim, California, opened it doors halfway through the 1962-63 school year, and gave us the bands No Doubt and Save Farris, as well as other musical greats and baseball stars.  Here I celebrate those first few years of the school, my alma mater.  Yes Gwen, YOU went to MY high school.

Who knows who you'll find over on my Facebook page.  Old friends, new friends, no friends.

And if you need a wonderful place to find new friends, and connect with God, please visit First Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton (EV Free).  Located in northern Fullerton on Brea Blvd.


Ken Hecker
Please check these out!
Shay Steam Engine Motor
Front truck for a Shay geared locomotive
Donkey Engine firebox
Weber E-320 grill
(in Maya 6)