Welcome to my world
On this site I'll share with you views of my 3D models, many of which are available in different formats from The3dStudio.com.

Building models in three dimensions is a demanding task, and it seems that any project is never done, and when building an object to be converted into other modeling formats, anything can, and probably will, happen.  Specialized software, to construct the models, convert them to other formats, and to check them for a good clean wireframe mesh, is available, but isn't cheap.  It takes dedication to build good models. 

The following pages are a work in progress.
The Mars Rover Project  (aka "Last Call at the Rusty Servo")

This epic, which was never completed, was built and animated in Alias (now AutoDesk) Maya, starting in 2005.  It is the story of a group of five hard working Martian robots who sit around the poker table at The Rusty Servo  all night and argue about the possibility of life on other planets.

The robot characters were designed and built by former Don Bluth animator Kevin O'Neil (THE IRON GIANT ) and art director Christophe Vacher (Disney's ENCHANTED ,  Shane Acker's 9 ).  The film was animated by Ken Roskos, Kevin O'Neil, and animated and directed by Disney CG animator Dave Gottlieb (MEET THE ROBINSONS  and BOLT ).  Ernie Merlan produced, and arranged for the voice talent, and also did post with Iohann San Martin.  Ivo Cristante (TREMORS , E.R. ) did the production design, with environmental elements by Rick Moser.  Rigging by Karen Nugent, Vince Delay, Gibran Jimenez, and Jeff Tse.

My contribution was the interior construction, the poker table, set dressing, the cards and chips, and the lighting, as well as handling the rendering of each frame.  The jukebox was by Pablo Alphonso.  It was a wonderful introduction to the world of CG animation - and modeling in three dimensions.
The Rusty Servo